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About Karnataka Media Academy

Kannada journalism has a long history of over 175 years. The growth of Kannada journalism is expansive with a certain dimension to its development.There was a need for an effort to portray Kannada as a strong medium amongst the other linguistic dominance. The Karnataka Press Academy was born out of this necessity. It is now Karnataka Media Academy.

Media Academy was established similar to that of Press Academy in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh in accordance with the recommendations submitted to the State Government. The Karnataka Press Academy was later renamed as Karnataka Media Academy.


Vision, Campaign and Objectives of the Academy

  • Karnataka Media Academy's original objective was to improve the quality of journalism. Provide opportunities for fellowships by giving emphasis to research in the field of journalism.
  • Organizing training programmes/worksops to both rural and urban journalists. Along with publishing books, magazines and research papers.
  • To play an active role in creating curriculum suitable for journalism in collaboration with educational institutions in accordance with the latest developments.
  • To identify organizations and journalists and felicitate them for their services in the field of journalism.

Overview of the duties and functions of the Academy

One of the main duties of Karnataka Media Academy is to strengthen the professionalism and skills of journalists.

  1. Providing training to rural and district level journalists to improve their skills.
  2. Encouraging the journalists to organise seminars in accordance to the current affairs.
  3. To award journalists who have done considerable service in the field of journalism.
  4. Publishing books for journalism students and journalists to educate on various aspects of Kannada journalism.
  5. Training journalists on various subjects such as technology, photography and cartoon.
  6. Organizing multiple state-level seminars and conferences.
  7. Establishing a digital library.
  8. “Celebrating the Press Day and National Press day.
  9. Providing special training programs for journalists belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes.
  10. Programmes have been organized under various schemes announced for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes.
  11. Providing training to women journalists.
  12. Producing introductory documentary on senior journalists.


The main functions of the academy are as follows:

  1. Awarding people who have rendered considerable service in the field of media
  2. Training for rural and district journalists
  3. Symposiums
  4. Celebrating Press Day on July 1
  5. Celebrating National Press day on November 16
  6. Publishing Books
  7. Training for women journalists
  8. Fellowship programmes
  9. Providing training programs on Computer graphics, cartoons, photography
  10. Digital Library
  11. Producing Documentaries
  12. Conducting seminars on coverage of Assembly, Council sessions and Judiciary reporting
  13. Media symposiums
  14. Special programs / Training programs for journalism students under SCP and TSP schemes
  15. Providing training on various social media platforms.


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